Safe Roads

Thank you for joining United Way's Community Engagement Team and Youth Council in taking a stand against underage drinking. We, along with our law enforcement partners, applaud you for taking the Safe Roads Safe Homes pledge. We hope you've placed the Safe Roads Safe Homes window decal on your vehicle so others in the county will want to learn more about our work to combat underage drinking. Alcohol is the most commonly used and abused drug among youth in the United States, more than tobacco and illicit drugs, and is responsible for more than 4,300 annual deaths among underage youth according to the Centers for Disease Control. Please help us spread the word about Safe Roads Safe Homes....and take a look at the other parents and caregivers in Rutherford County who've also taken the pledge.

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Safe Roads Safe Homes Pledge

Parent Responsibility

Our family has discussed underage drinking and drug use, including prescription and over-the counter medications, and we support the Safe Roads Safe Homes principles. We pledge to actively supervise teen parties or gatherings held at our home. We will not allow teenagers to drink alcoholic beverages or use drugs in our home or on our property. In addition, we welcome and encourage parent communication to confirm the plans and activities of our teenagers.

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Thank you for joining us to "Take a Stand" against youth drinking and drug use. United Way's Community Engagement Team is proud to partner with the Rutherford County Sheriff's Office and the NC Highway Patrol to launch the SAFE ROADS SAFE HOMES parent network. Working together, we can help reduce the risks our youth face and empower them to stay strong when facing societal pressure to drink or use drugs. This network of parents can help you find other parents who share your values and are just as concerned about keeping alcohol and drugs out of teens' hands as you are. SAFE ROADS SAFE HOMES is based on the national SAFE HOMES substance abuse prevention program designed by parents to support parents. The program has been successful in reducing youth substance use (including alcohol) in communities across the nation.

Throughout the school year, you will see promotions, events, and activities throughout Rutherford County sponsored by SAFE ROADS SAFE HOMES. We hope you, your family, your friends, and neighbors will participate in those events. Check our website frequently for updated information and to find out where SAFE ROADS SAFE HOMES will be showing up at events in Rutherford County.

SAFE ROADS SAFE HOMES Parent Network Process

  1. Parents download, print, and sign the pledge form and return the form to United Way of Rutherford County.
  2. Pledge form information is entered into the SAFE ROADS SAFE HOMES Parent Network Directory. This directory is available online on United Way's website.
  3. Parents use the directory information to call each other to make sure their children are supervised at each other's homes; that families do not allow alcohol or other drugs in their homes; and that families follow the same guidelines for youth safety when hosting other youth at their home.

Wondering how to talk with your child about drugs or drinking? Click here for some tips and conversation starters.